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Why GrizzlyGirlWorks?

"I chose to start GrizzlyGirlWorks because I have so many stories that I want to publish but didn't know where to publish. I wanted something easy where I can post my stories with an easy click of a button. I am always thinking of new ideas for short stories and want everyone to read them." - CJ the Writer

Why CJ the Writer Writes

"I always have been thinking of different story universes since I was a child, I like the thought of creating a whole universe of my own. I knew how to use Word when I was 7 years old, writing short stories about princesses and knights. As I got older, writing became my salvation. It has helped me heal in so many ways, writing will always be more powerful to me than violence. I believe I can make a change with my stories, if not I hope my stories can reach out to you and touch your heart." - CJ the Writer 


Who GrizzlyGirlWorks is For

"I created GrizzlyGirlWorks because I want someone to come to my website and look for a new story to read. To get lost in a new universe. To feel as if you are in the story yourself, to feel as if you are on a new adventure with every read. I want to open a whole new world to you, a world full of adventure and curiosity." - CJ the Writer


Get to know CJ the Writer's Writing Style

CJ the Writer's style is mixed with fantasy and snippets of Nisga'a History. Her writing will leave you curious, wanting you to ask someone questions about certain events if it was true or not. CJ the Writer's goal is to give you characters that don't fit the stereotypical Native person. "We are not a bunch of drunkards, or always angry. We went through decades of trauma. We are compassionate, kind, strong and spiritual beings who just want to share stories with you"

- CJ the writer

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